The 18th of October is the deadline for all programmes to elect reps. Different programmes do it in different ways but whatever way your programme works it out, please follow the procedure of giving the list of reps (name and e-mail) to your Head of Programme who will then send the list to us.

It is obligatory for all student reps, who have not already had training, to come to the official rep training day for their school. Below are days, times and places of the training days. We will provide a free lunch and drinks for training which is during lunchtime on all days.

School of Communication
Monday, 23rd Oct, 1-2pm, White City, Room 109

School of Arts and Humanities
Tuesday, 24th Oct. 1-2pm, Kensington, Senior Common Room

School of Design
Wednesday, 25th Oct. 1-2pm, Kensington, Senior Common Room

Research Students
Thursday, 26th Oct. 1-2pm, Kensington, Senior Common Room

School of Architecture
Friday, 27th Oct. 1-2pm, Kensington, Senior Common Room

If you are unable to make it to the training session on the day for your school, please come to one of the other training days. Everyone will be getting the same training across all schools and programmes.