Agenda Templates


Agendas are really important for keeping the flow of a meeting. If you have an agenda with a particular amount of points it makes it easier to manage your time effectively and keep the conversation focused.

We recommend downloading this template to use: Agenda Template word

We also recommend creating a shared Google Drive file and storing all your Agendas and Minutes together. Title your Agendas something like this:

Architecture – Programme Forum – Agenda – 8/10/18

When you are taking minutes simply create a copy of your agenda, change out the word Agenda for Minutes in the title and take your minutes under the relevant titles. Try as much as possible to make action points throughout to make sure things get done rather than just spoken about. If you do this as you go via a Google Doc in a Drive shared with your course you don’t need to forward on the minutes as they are already in the place they need to be!

Make sure your next agenda is dictated by the minutes of the previous meeting. If one topic was extremely pertinent keep it in the agenda, if something had no discussion remove it, if a topic arose not on the last agenda make sure it’s on the next one.

If you wish to make an agenda point for one of our assemblies or a college committee such as Learning and Teaching or Equality and Diversity get in touch with us and we will relay your point to the relevant party.