Our Manifesto



We believe it is important for the SU Co-Presidents to be UK, EU and INTERNATIONAL students. A vote for us secures contact with someone whose concerns are close to your own. We intend to be ACCESSIBLE AND VISIBLE across all campuses during our tenure, working to sustain an accepting environment with ZERO TOLERANCE TO DISCRIMINATION. We will ensure the schools are a SAFE SPACE for people of any race, gender, class or culture. Through surveys, support groups and a dedication to fair representation within the union, we will form a warm and welcoming network of support.

We will work to make the move to WHITE CITY and other relocation procedures comprehensible to all students. As well as ensuring a significant physical presence for the SU at each campus, we intend to INCREASE SOCIAL SPACES for students in Battersea and lobby for significant space allocation in White City. 

We will release clear and concise information to students in ONLINE AND PRINTED MATTER made available on the website and notice boards across all campuses. As the RCA grows it is important access to essential information caters to everybody’s needs. We will introduce a student newspaper combining art and design with useful updates about the SU’s work. The SCHOOL NEWSPAPER is part of our plan for a student body that is increasingly united, connected and informed.

We will PROMOTE STUDENTS’ WORK externally by streamlining the SU’s social media presence and capitalizing on the school’s legacy. Events such as the Christmas fair and student exhibitions will be widely promoted. We will make links with other institutions, design fairs, publications etc. to open up possibilities for students to present themselves beyond college.

Numerous complaints across campuses have been made around misinformation during applications. We will work with the administration to improve the way information is passed to and from the student body, increasing the capacity for STUDENT FEEDBACK and PROTECTING THE LEGACY OF THE INSTITUTION, to ensure attending the RCA remains something to be proud of.

We recognise that the effects of political struggle, such as Brexit, will cause concern for many students. We will work to IMPROVE COUNSELLING SERVICES and make them more accessible to students, increasing support in these times of radical change within and beyond the RCA. 

Lastly, we will continue the POSITIVE INITIATIVES set out by previous administrations, improving the college environments and delivering cross disciplinary opportunities