Our Manifesto



As co-presidents we have been accessible and visible, facilitating an accepting environment with zero tolerance to discrimination. We have prioritised listening and responding to student needs and concerns above our own agenda. As the RCA grows and becomes more internationalised we will continue to foster a warm and welcoming network of support, promoting social activities for all students, in order to create a strong sense of belonging. We will do this by 
improving social spaces in White City and Battersea as well as 
working with the college to improve transport facilities between 
During 2018/2019 we will improve our online resources to include more clear and concise information. It is important that access to essential information caters to everybody’s needs. We will continue our work with the administration to improve the way information is passed to and from the student body, increasing the capacity for student 
feedback and ensuring clarity of information for prospective and new students.
Improving counselling services remains high on our agenda. We will work with student support to make their services more accessible to students and introduce improved wellbeing events through times of radical change within and beyond the RCA. 
We will continue to promote students’ work beyond the institution. Fairs, online platforms, employability options and diverse audiences form the core of our plans for the future.  As we move forward we will initiate innovative ideas which put students front and centre.
We have made great headway on many initiatives, instigated by 
student concerns, which we will strengthen with another year in post. We now host, promote and support more events, provide cost price sanitary products, have Equality Working Groups, an improved rep system and a school newspaper, to name a few. We hope you will trust us to continue working for you.