Board Of Trustees

The Trustee board is responsible for directing the students’ union in the long term – looking at the strategic overview, including financial and legal security. The board creates the structure within which Union can carry out its core work – which is the representation of students, advancement of education and activism for improvements in the lives of its members.





The board is separate from the operational work of the organisation. It sets the strategic direction and legal requirements. The role of the permanent staff in unions is to implement this direction through the operational, day-to-day work. This is directed through the Union and Finance Manager; therefore the trustee board is responsible for appointing, scrutinising and developing the senior manager of the organisation. The board of trustees ensures that there are clear procedures and opportunities for this within your union.


Overall, the board of trustees is the advisory, supportive body of the union that oversees its activities, legal responsibilities, finances, and processes. The board meets at least six times per academic year. Currently the board of Trustees consists of nine members, one observer and secretary. The membership of the board is divided between 3 external trustees, 3 sabbatical officers and 3 student trustees.




(as of 1 August 2017)


External Trustees

James Birkett (since 16 November 2015)

Chair, RCA SU Board of Trustees (since 27 July 2016) 

Cordelia Cembrowicz (since 16 November 2015)

Owen O’Sullivan (since 20 September 2017)


Sabbatical Officer Trustees

Jazbo Gross (until 30 July 2018)

Co-President (White City), RCA SU 

Whiskey Chow (until 30 July 2018)

Co-President (Battersea), RCA SU

Benji Jeffrey (until 30 July 2018)

Co-President (Kensington), RCA SU 


Student Trustees

Peter Le Couteur  (since 31 July 2016)

Emily Stapleton (since 20 September 2017)

Alexander Widdowson (since 20 September 2017)



Richard Benson (since 25 May 2016)

Chief Operating Officer, RCA  

Bhupen Parmar (since 25 November 2015)



Toks Ferguson (since 28 October 2015)

Union and Finance Manager, RCA SU