Sara Chyan

Sara Chyan graduated from the Royal College of Art, London, in 2017. She is now based in London and has established a jewellery brand under the name Sara Chyan Jewellery of her own. She is a lover of art and design and regulates the delicate balance between the two in her work.

Sara has won numerous international awards and has been featured in several magazines. Last year, she won the Industart Award for the jewellery category in the Ukrainian International Industry Award in May and the Bronze A’ Design Award for the jewellery, eyewear and watch design category in the Italian International Design Award in April. Emotional Jewellery, a recent collection of hers, has been showcased by many popular magazines, such as Vogue, Craft, Aesthetica, and Frow. At the same time, she collaborated with several internationally renowned fashion designers to bring out the best that is in them and organised exhibitions at the London, Paris, and Shanghai Fashion Week.

With London as her base, she considers the world to be her destination, regularly participating in international exhibitions. She endeavours to develop her creations continually. Furthermore, Sara is the head of Here Your Art’s UK branch, which is an art consultant company. In addition, she is a portfolio tutor, who is deeply involved in consulting work on art and design.

Sara Chyan’s works adopt a minimalistic approach coupled with conceptual support. Sara tries to draw on a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered manner and likes to involve the viewer in a way that is physical at times. She believes in the notion that function succeeds the form in a work of art. Her works respond directly to the human body and surrounding environment, while employing one’s everyday experience with the artist serving as a starting point.