Decolonising and the Queer Experience

27th February | 6pm

Gorvy Lecture Theatre | Royal College of Art | Battersea

The RCA Students’ Union have organised a series of round table events throughout the year. These discussions explore socio-political ideas responding to issues that affect the institution. A network of speakers from the wider London community have been invited to discuss their experiences in order to help us examine crucial issues relevant to the RCA and beyond.

The second event to take place this academic year focuses on the Queer experience and its relationship to Decolonising with a particular focus on the Queer People of Colour (QPoC) community.

Are institutions fulfilling their duty of care to QPoC?

What do the acts of queering and decolonising mean to you and do you see any overlap?

What can we actively do to deconstruct modes of oppression within the institution?

What are your hopes for the future of QPoC students not only surviving but thriving in institutions?

This event will be chaired by MA Print student and Co-President of the RCA Q.U.E.E.R Society Marissa Malik with Ryan Lanji, Phyll-Opoku-Gyimah and Raju Rage.

Marissa Malik is a London based artist exploring mysticism and language formation through a multimedia artistic and spiritual practice. She is interested in the way communities of color maintain and evolve their relationships to ‘motherland(s)’ while living in the Global North. Her research interrogates the effects of language erasure (specifically the loss of mother tongues and ancestral tongues) on first generation people of colour living in hubs of colonial empire.  In this, she seeks to rewrite colonial narratives, as well as platform people of marginalized identities through facilitating spaces of reflection, and reclaiming loss spiritualities.

Malik’s work has appeared in a wide range of publications such as Gal-Dem, Consented, The Bristol Cable, and Skin Deep Magazine. Her contributions range from cover illustrations, to political writing. In October 2018, her piece “Titty Taboos and Self Love” was published in Issue 3 of Gal-Dem’s annual print issue entitled “Secrets”.

Malik’s currently works as the resident astrologer for Kajal Magazine, and is completing her MA in Print at the Royal College of Art in London.