Decolonising the Institution #2 | Shades of Noir


On April 11th 2018 the Students’ Union invited Aisha Richards and the team at Shades of Noir into the RCA as part of our series of events on DECOLONISING THE INSTITUTION.

Shades of Noir champion social justice pedagogy and develops practices which centres the voices of the marginalised in the arts, culture and Higher Education for equality, cultural capital and the acknowledgment of those who came before.

By inviting pioneers in the battle against structural inequalities into our community at the RCA, we can begin to examine the responsibility both staff and students have to one another as we tackle these inequalities together.

This talk is introduced by Vice Chancellor Paul Thompson and chaired by Rathna Ramanathan, Head of Programme for Visual Communication, with Aisha Richards, Andrew Illman and Melodie Holiday from Shades of Noir and SU Co-President Benji Jeffrey.


More information on Shades of Noir can be found at