Decolonising the Institution: #3 Community

4 October 2018, @ Huckletree West

The RCA Students’ Union have organised a series of round table events throughout the year. These discussions explore socio-political ideas responding to issues that affect the institution. A diverse network of speakers have been invited to discuss their experiences, some from within the institution and others from beyond, in order to help us examine how we can improve the culture of the RCA.

The first event to take place this academic year focused on community and its relationship to decolonising. Taking place in White City, a short distance from Grenfell tower, we discussed ideas of community and the support available for non-white students and non-white communities within London.

The event was chaired by the Acting Head of Digital Direction Eleanor Dare with Imani Robinson, Natanya Mark & Rachel Sale.

To note: Tasha Brade, Rathna Ramanathan and Naima Omar were expected to take part but were unable to attend due to health issues. We decided to go ahead with the talk despite these unfortunate circumstances. We would like to give special thanks to Eleanor Dare for stepping in at the last minute to chair and to Imani, Natanya and Rachel for their increased role in the event.

Some of the questions we aimed to address were:

How does decolonising within education impact on the locality of the institution?

Are there sufficient support networks in place for non-white students?

Are educational institutions fulfilling their duty of care to students and the communities they move within?

How can those in a position of privilege provide effective support?