Design the RCA SU Sustainable Mug for 2016-2017

May 18-June 3 is Diaspore: RCA SU Green Festival 2016, a series of performances, workshops, parties, meals, and events dedicated to promoting and improving sustainability within the college. The programme will be announced very soon — but a part of it is a competition for a design to be printed on a sustainable mug and then sold at the SU cafe.

You may have seen them around!

Students who bring the mug to the RCafe or Cafe Royale get an extra stamp on their loyalty card.



Design Guidelines

– The design is open to all students.

– The design should be original, and refer somehow to sustainability. We are leaving it up to you how you would like to make the connection. This can be sustainability which is not only environmental or political and social as well, for example.

– The print should be up to two colours, of an area of 168 x 70mm.

– The design should include the RCA SU logo. Email me for the logo file.

– The mug which it will be printed on is a THEO recycled non-chip mug, made from recycled SAN plastic. You can choose from green, red, white, black, or blue as the mug colour to be printed on. See an example here. 

– We will select one winner and print 100 editions of the winning design, as well as award the winner a £70 cash prize.

Please submit your design to by midnight on Wednesday, 5 May,  Looking forward to seeing your ideas! Let me know if you have any questions.


Create a design for the SU’s very own MUG!

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