We want to help break down the idea that DJing is some sort of (usually white) boys club. The scene is quickly changing and loads of our favourite DJs are from marginalised groups, but to help this we think it’s really important that our society is as diverse as possible — all are welcome!!


Not only do we want the society diverse in people, but in music too! We invite sets from people who play any sort of music, from cosmic jazz to NYC post-punk to 90s pop. It doesn’t have to be dance music (but it certainly can be too!). Part of DJing is reading your audience and guessing what they will enjoy, but another equally important part can be pushing the audience towards music they otherwise wouldn’t be hearing.


The final *DJing misconception* we want to break down is the idea that ‘real DJs’ only use CDJs or vinyl – wrong! It’s equally valid to use a laptop or an old iPod, as long as the equipment let’s you do what you want with your set. As Moodymann says, “it ain’t what you got, it’s what you do with what you have.”

Look out for posters and social media for upcoming events and workshops. 

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Our first event is the 8th November in the Artbar… here’s what you can expect…

From 5:30pm, for a couple of hours, we’ll be running a DJ workshop for teaching beginners the basics. The workshop will involve some of the resident RCASU DJs showing small groups the basics of the equipment (CDJs, mixers, headphones, and hopefully a turntable for vinyl) and the practice of blending songs together.


Then we’ll start a series of short 30min sets by (slightly) more experienced DJs, which will take up the rest of the night. If you’re already confident you can play some sort of set (no beat-matching required) then sign up to this part!
The night is open to everyone … including those who just want to dance!