Easter Fair 2018

Friday 23rd March – Sunday 25th March
Dyson cafe & Dyson gallery, Battersea

Following the tradition of the Christmas Fete, established in 2012, the Royal College of Art Student Union (RCASU) is holding an Easter Fair.

As with any event organised by the RCA SU, students are at the centre of the occasion. As a stall holder you will earn 100% of the sales that you make, while we provide the environment – a space in which to hold the market, a card payment system, and the overall marketing, equipment, and security of the event.

As we do for the Fete, in conjunction with the RCA, we will send a press release about the Fair to major newspapers. Our visitors generally belong to three groups: the first are the core group of friends and family of students, staff and alumni of the RCA. The second are the local residents and visitors to the RCA. Last, but not least we hope to draw a community of families – both parents and children, for a special afternoon of activities.

It is important to note that the Fete has been extremely successful in attracting attention from the media, the general public and within the college. This year the Fete raised over £29,000 in sales for the students who took part, raising valuable funds for their projects. The biggest advantage of the event is that the public gets a chance to meet up and coming makers, speak to them about their products and ideas, and contribute directly to the continuation of their practices. We hope the Easter Fair to be as successful and maintain longevity as the Fete has done so far!

The Easter Fair is intended to be somewhere between a market and an Art Sale. Where the Christmas Fete is more about gifts for others the Easter Fair intends to give people the opportunity to purchase works of art and design objects for themselves.

To ensure a successful outcome we will be conducting sales in the same manner as the Christmas Fete. Stallholders handle all of their cash payments, have the option to take their own card payments, and set their own rotas of invigilation for their stalls. As stall holders, being able to interact with the public will also enable visitors to engage with RCA students and their experience, which we believe will lead to an increased volume of sales and the formation of a greater relationship with the community. The Fair will be shaped by the presence of you and/or your team of stallholders, as well as the visitors.

To take part in the Fair please fill in this form

If you have any questions please contact benji.jeffrey@rca.ac.uk or alex.culshaw@rca.ac.uk