Equality and Diversity in the RCA – First Committee Meeting Notes

College Updates regarding Equality and Diversity Policy

  • There is an ongoing project to capture more diverse images of students and staff across college.
  • The Rectors next monthly update will remind all programmes to put staff through equality and diversity training.
  • Policy development : the updated equality policy has been added to the college regulations.
  • Parents and Families strategy –  the questions on the maternity leave form shall be reworded to read more appropriately.
  • The committee will recommend E&D policies to be published on the website.
  • The programme Open Days (FAQ, Q&A sessions) will be reviewed and revised to reflect policy.
  • The Aurora Programme is a mentoring programme for women, whose implementation has been led by Dean of Humanities Jane Pavitt. Human Resources will build in this programme into the academic appraisal of staff as mentors.
    • Recommendation to introduce this idea specifically to research students
  • Human resources will continue to focus on the possibility of unconscious bias in hiring practices.

Review of College Access

  • In regards to signage and indications for disabled access – How is disability signalled in the college?
  • There remain many physical issues of mobility in the college buildings.
  • The Disability Access Group – is run by John Gallally from student support. Students with opinions regarding access should speak to him about any ideas for improvements or suggestions.

Identifying Hiring Practice/Diversity Barriers

  • What will have the most impact on barriers to the college is the fact that most students next year will be coming through on the £9000 tuition fee plan, which drastically changes the composition of the student body.
    • Lack of scholarships point to the fact that we are not attracted underprivileged practitioners within the UK.
  • What is the external impression of college culture?
  • The question of widening participation is inherently attached to funding – what kind of socioeconomic backgrounds are we attracting?
    • The debate revolves around whether the RCA is considered an international or a British institution – are we a British institution? Why do people choose to come, and how do college policies impact diversity?
  • It should be made clear that EU & UK students do not get a lower fee by default from the college, but are subsidized currently by the government to have their fees reduced from those of the international students.
  • The committee recommends a student led review of the application process.

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