Global Climate Strike For Future

We believe it is our responsibility as creatives to design a sustainable future therefore we will proudly be participating to the Global Strike for Climate Change.


Join us on the 15th of March /11am-2pm/Parliament square @ukscn @youth.

***Sign up here to be on mailing list. Meet at 10 am  – Assembly Point in front of Jay Mews with Sustain Lab & GID***

We will be marching with our Alumni, staff and current students. @imperialcollege @royalcollege @gid @dysonschool

Change starts with us ✊🏼


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change releases reports every six years on the severity of our impact on the planet. The IPCC’s latest report confirms the suspicion that many held: we are not taking action fast enough. Even if we halve emissions in twelve years and reach net zero by 2040, the earth will still warm by 1.5°C. This temperature increase will still expose 383 million people to water scarcity and leave Coral Reefs at a 76% risk of a devastating Marine Heatwave.


Why protest?

Young people across the world have been excluded from participating in the fight against the climate crisis. In the UK and globally, we are already facing the devastating effects of the climate crisis. Where the older generations have failed us, we have been left with no choice but to take direct action in the fight for Climate Justice!



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