Sudden Changes to Fee Payment Schedule over the Summer

SU has received quite an alarming response from the student body to the decision made by the Finance department to change the fee payment schedule. This is indeed, an unfair notice to be giving – only 1.5 months before the deadline of a huge sum of money for a lot of students. Suffice to say, second years especially were not happy with this impromptu change of plans.

An email from Jennifer Brown of the Registry department on July 31st reads:

Tuition Fee instalments 2014/15

The RCA has recently made some changes to the instalment option from 2014/15 onwards.  Starting from September 2014, students will need to pay at least one half of their tuition fees in order to register in September/October and the remaining half will be due at the start of January.  Students who have not paid all their tuition fees by the end of the Spring term will not be able to continue into the Summer term, but they will have the option to take a leave of absence for one year.


We have spoken to her regarding this issue in the latest meeting with Registry, and she has confirmed that all students affected negatively by this change are able to instead follow an alternative payment schedule, which can be arranged with them by setting up a meeting at the office. 

We would like any affected students to follow up with us about any difficulties they might continue to have regarding this issue. We will make sure it is clear that changes in fee schedule should be communicated at least 3 months in advance.

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