SU societies come and go, sometimes they were a platform, sometimes they were a project. Due to the short nature of the RCA MA degree, frequently, they leave the college with the society leader who started the group. Although they might not have found continuation through the student community, they frequently live on through the work they generated – whether these be posters, trips, or memories of a generation of RCA students gone by. If you are thinking of starting a new society you might want to have a look through this list for inspiration.


Societies that existed through the RCA SU have been:

Sustainable Food Society (2016-2017)

Transnationals (2016-2017)

ACRritical Dance (2016-2017)

Coco Ringo Club (2016-2017)

Foode Stuff Society (2016-2017)

The Weather Radio (2016-2017)

Vocal Sound Art & Design Society (2016-2017)

RunRCA (2015-2017)

Research Society (2015-2017)

Studio Visit Society (2015-2017)

The Theatre Group (2015-2017)

Poetic Society (2015-2017)

Research Society (2015-2017)

A Music Society (2014-2017)

Political Science & Philosophy RCA (2014-2015)

Surf/Swim Climb (2014-2015)

Parents & Families (2013-2015)

Brewing Society  (2013-2014)

Thinking and Practice Group (2008-2010)

ScreenRCA (2009-?)

Viewing Space (2009-?)