Coco Ringo Club (Queer Society)

Coco Ringo Club

For the academic year 2016-2017, the RCA Queer Society becomes the Coco Ringo Club – a shapeless organism taking the form of a reading group focused on texts dealing with the Witch as a Queer Figure (primarily through theorists such as Silvia Federici and Arthur Evans) which would lead to different projects along the year (edition of a map / interventions in public space / lectures / a field trip and other projects to be developed together).
The Coco Ringo Club will foster relationships with other London-based Queer Societies but also similar organisations based in non-western countries, convinced that people with a common enemy are stronger together.
We welcome everyone who supports gender self-determination and believes in the destruction of binarism (And persons who want to learn more about those fights).

For more information, email Cedric Fauq