Round Table Discussions

The RCA Students’ Union have organised a series of round table events throughout 2018/2019. These discussions explore socio-political ideas responding to issues that affect the institution. A diverse network of speakers have been invited to discuss their experiences, some from within the institution and others from beyond, in order to help us examine how we can improve the culture of the RCA.

These talks include the continuation of our DECOLONISING THE INSTITUTION series where we look at tackling structural inequalities and manifestations of racism and marginalisation.

Decolonising the Institution #1

Decolonising the Institution #2 | Shades of Noir

Decolonising the Institution #3 | Community

The Working Class and the Institution

Disability & Inclusivity

Decolonising the Institution #4  – Regrettably, the event that was scheduled for the 27th Feb 2019 has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. We’ll keep you updated as we hope to reschedule the event for the summer term.