Your Co-Presidents

Every year RCA students elect a team of Sabbatical Officers to represent them and advocate their views in dialogue with senior management of the Royal College of Art.


Benji, Co-President of Kensington

Hi, I’m Benji. Sagittarius, Year of the Dragon. I’m an artist (I studied Moving Image), teacher, performer, violinist, composer, karaoke enthusiast and mustard hater. I’m originally from Yorkshire but a decade in London has subdued the accent. My grandma always said ‘if you want something done ask a busy person’. I’m your busy guy so start asking.


Whiskey, Co-President of Battersea

Hello! I’m Whiskey. I was born and raised in China. Having been living in London for 2 years, I know about the issues international students face. I graduated from the Performance course and I have performed in galleries across the UK and EU and as a Chinese Drag King. I want the RCA to be a space where everyone is given an equal voice andI look forward to doing this with you!


Jazbo, Co-President of White City

I’m half American, half Danish and moved from Copenhagen to London two years ago. I graduated from the moving image course in 2017. I’m the main contact for White City and you can recognize me because I’m the tallest person at the RCA. My interests in technology and ecology make me sufficiently nerdy about computers to use one, and knowledgeable enough about mycorrhizal networks for an occasional walk in the park.


If you’d prefer to call us you can reach us on 020 7590 4215.

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