RCA SU Clubs & Societies

RCASU Clubs and Societies are student-led and student-run groups that pursue a diverse range of activities, which both elaborate on and take place outside of the academic programmes.

Societies are social groups formed around certain aims or subjects of interest, usually organising workshops, lectures, seminars, outings, or simply social events. Clubs are groups that undertake sporting, exercise, and other physical activities.

Both Clubs and societies give the RCA community a place to mix, play & experiment, as well as work.

We are proud to announce that for the academic year 2019-2020, we have:

We are here to question social, political and environmental issues through art of any form in public spheres. We want to create a free space to debate, experiment, and test ways of raising awareness in that liminal space between art and activism. Sign up here.

The CGI Society aims to form a bridge between the 3D/VFX Industry and RCA by inviting industry veterans as speakers. It also serves to foster interest in technical 3D art within RCA and offer educational resources for those looking to advance their skills. Sign up here.

A place for students to get a better understanding of the christian faith and meet christians, chat and discuss any questions with them. Sign up here.

Whether you’re into rope climbing or bouldering, a beginner or a monkey, this friendly society is looking to link up scramblers from across the college. Sign up here.

Cypher Billboard commissions artists to produce responsive, site-specific artworks for a billboard space in Bounds Green, London. The site seeks to challenge conventions of display and act as a launch-pad for generating conversations through a series of satellite events and workshops. Sign up here.

A society set up to make DJing more accessible for everyone, while bringing some extra buzz to Thursday nights in the Art Bar. Sign up here.

The aim of this society is to provide a platform for discussion about modern day feminism with debates on subjects including equality, inclusivity, diversity and women in creative roles. Sign up here.

Inspired by the MERZ theory of Kurt Schwitters. We want to connect the RCA students with a nature and inspire a rural studio environment via visiting rural sites and with events local to London. The Merziety discussions and shared interests surround entropy, anthropocene and urban vs agriculture. Sing up here.

The Queer Society returns this year, with energy, solidarity, diversity and love. This community of LGBT+ artists and designers meet for discussions on body, gender, sexuality, identity and everything in between. Sign up here.

Set up with the Embassy of China this society is a platform for fostering discussions related to China through talks, screenings, food nights and exhibitions. Sign up here.

The RAES aim to go on regular trips – short and long, some for weeks and some for hours. They like to walk, they like to climb, there will be mountains. Sign up here.

These people are looking to the future and recognising the need to embed a sustainability mindset in the next generation of artists and designers. Make sure you attend one of their talks or workshops. Sign up here.

An interdisciplinary education platform to foster cross-disciplinary communications among RCA students by addressing the current shortfall in art education and questioning the role of art and design in contemporary society. Sign up here.

Walkative explores how walking can trigger processes of making, thinking and researching. Take part in engaging walks that respond to textual, visual and verbal prompts. Sign up here

More info coming soon.

Not found what you’re looking for?

If you’d like to form a club or society email students-union@rca.ac.uk. Clubs and Societies get £250 plus support from the SU officers and promotional help from our events co-ordinator.

Over the years, lots of societies have come and gone. Head over to the Societies Archive for a bit of history and perhaps inspiration.