RCA SU Clubs & Societies

 RCA SU Clubs and Societies are student-led and student-run groups that pursue a diverse range of activities, which both elaborate on and take place outside of the academic programmes. While societies are social groups formed around certain aims or subjects of interest, usually organising workshops, lectures, seminars, outings, or simply social events, Clubs are groups that undertake sporting, exercise, and other physical activities. They give the RCA community a place to mix, play & experiment, as well as work.

For any of the above and beyond, download and fill out the New Club or Society Setup Form.

Send it to students-union@rca.ac.uk so will set up a meeting with you to discuss budget allocation and planned activities throughout the year.


We are proud to announce that for the academic year 2016-2017, we have a full roster of Clubs and Societies. They are:



RCA Football Club 

Iyengar Yoga with Kate

Hatha Yoga with Despina



Feminist Society


RCA Monkeys

Red Plate

Royal Amateur Expedition Society

Royal College of Ale SICC

Royal Wine Tasting Society

SustainLab RCA

The Walkative Society


Over the years, lots of societies have come and gone. Head over to the Societies Archive for a bit of history and perhaps inspiration.