A Guide to the Students Union

A Student Union is one of those things that come with paying up to £26,900 to go to a British art school. How to explain where we stand between you and the “most influential postgraduate school of art and design”? Well, we are a part of the RCA, but we also aren’t.

Being a student at the RCA is about sticky floor bars, strong coffee, staying way too late in the studio, fighting to stay small, and awkwardly bumping into people on the number 9 bus. Its about meeting people from around the world and starting things together.

Our job is to keep it that way, and provide resources that make it easier for you to exist as a young creative person in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (and Wandsworth). so to sum it up, the Student’s Union provides the following services during your time at the RCA.





  • We welcome new and international students at our Registration Fair.
  • Throughout the year, we are on hand to give any advice about living in London or being a student at the RCA, and stock basic amenities, cookies, etc. at our office. Come in anytime and get to know us better.
  • Our bar and cafes are here to help you to make friends, drink, eat, and do weird things.




  • We offer fun and relaxed paid jobs throughout the year.



  • We rent out the Minibus for your convenience. Read more here.


Supporting your Practice

  • We have set up a fund in case you need material support for your personal or group projects. Learn more here.
  • If you ever want to gain exposure for one of your activities or projects, we can help you to set up a school wide event. Learn more here.



London Life

  • Tha thug lyfe in London is hard. We are here to help you with:
    • Transport
    • Advice
      • Check our blog for the information we get about student benefits in London – including legal and practical tips, and special discounts.






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