SU Proposal for Improving Student Experience

What has the SU done to improve student experience?

You will all know that the RCA has obtained funding to secure a new £120 million campus in Battersea, and that the strategic plan to expand the RCA by 10 programmes and 1,500 additional students has been passed for 2016-2021.

We ultimately voted against the Strategic Plan 2016-2021 after 10 months of negotiation, because we saw that it had not concretely included any measures to improve student experience, where students have given feedback over the last two years. As a result of our position on the strategic plan, at the request of the Rector, we put together a study of proposals for enhancing and monitoring College performance.

You can download our presentation here: SU Proposal – Improving Student Experience.

You can read the response from the RCA here: SMT reponse to paper on students experience.

The college responded to our presentation at the SMT Meeting held on the 23rd of February, and while most of our suggestions were refuted, the college agreed on the following points:

  • 1) To draft a relationship agreement between the Students’ Union and the College, to improve collaboration.
  • 2) To work with the SU to provide accurate information on the website for prospective students in line with CMA (Consumer Marketing Authority) regulations.
  • 3) To review the College’s annual budget with the SU officers before it is approved by Council.
  • 4) To fundraise for a special bursary for black and minority ethnic group students.

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