THE BIG MOVE: What is happening with the Woo Building?

We have met with Andrew Asbury, the Head of Building and Estates, to get some clarification on the move that will be taking place on the RCA campus over the coming Christmas Break – namely, the opening of the Woo Building and the transfer of the Ceramics & Glass and GSMJ departments.

According to Andrew, the Woo Building will resemble the Dyson Building, with the same industrial look and feel, as well as the well-known three story high foyer that will contain Ceramics and Glass technical equipment. Tutors for both Ceramics and Glass and GSMJ have designed the studio spaces. There will be a Lecture Theatre in the space which resembles the Dyson Lecture Theatre. There is no other planned student common area.

Ceramics & Glass and GSMJ students will start the year two weeks in advance of everyone else – and end two weeks early in order for the move to begin. All technical equipment from C & G will remain in Kensington throughout both terms in order for students to be able to continue producing their work without interruption. However, their studios will be in Battersea.

This means there will be empty spaces on the 1st and 4th floors of the Darwin Building throughout the second term of the coming academic year.

RCA has also obtained the Hester Road Showroom as an extra space, and is planning to move facilities there to further free up space on campus.

More updates to come. We will keep you posted!

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