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Pluralist Open Call
The BREXIT Issue
The date of the next Pluralist coincides with the UK’s departure from the EU. As we’re just as unsure about the state of events come March 29th as everyone else, we’re making a 2-in1 issue to prepare for two possible Brexit scenarios.
It’s not a requirement that your submission engages with the topic of Brexit, or even politics, directly. We love seeing a wide scope of interpretation in the submissions. Whether you choose to play with the theme, or submit a review, interview, article or story which you see as relevant to the issue’s ideas, we can’t wait to see it. We invite all writers, reviewers, illustrators and all other authors to submit their own unique responses. And as usual, we particularly welcome content reflective of current events internal or external to the RCA, as well as long-term collaborations.
Send your submissions to
Submission deadline: February 28th

Here are digital copies of the first two issues but please be aware that the preferred format is physical and their website is here!