The Pluralist

The Pluralist Visibility Issue Call Out

Attention writers, poets, designers, photographers, and those wishing to submit visual art!*


*This is not an exhaustive list but we had to stop somewhere.

We are now taking in submissions for the December Issue of the Pluralist, responding to the theme of Visibility. Looking at what we see, and more importantly, how we see – and how this affects both individual and group perceptions – we will engage in a variety of student interests both within and outside of the College. Do you wish to review a gallery show or any other cultural event which you consider relevant to the theme? Perhaps use the theme to speak about how the issue of visibility – or lack of it – affects different groups within the student body? Or do you want to share a short story or personal experience which would benefit from becoming visible? This is your chance!

We hope to publish diverse and original content. So please don’t be shy! All forms of writing are welcome, including experimental submissions, and in fitting with the theme, we are excited to showcase a variety of perspectives.

Send in your submission to by the 13th of November.

We also have additional opportunities for collaborating on the Pluralist. Currently, we are looking for photographers, illustrators and designers keen to collaborate with the Design Editor on original content. We also want a confident sound editor to get in touch with us to discuss the production of the Pluralist podcast!

…and more!

We are looking for students to write in to our new regular column Astro-Advice with Marissa!

Do you have burning questions you’d like to ask the universe? Are you constantly craving astrology info and answers? The Puralist will now be publishing an Astro-Advice column with 2nd year Print student Marissa Malik. Malik works as an astrologer, and in close communication with the cosmos. Write in with questions you may have  – and be sure to come up with a pseudonym! Remember to provide Marissa with as much astrological information as possible (your sign, any persons’ in question sings, your date and time of birth for ascendant and moon signs accuracy – this information will not be published). Structure your questions using this as an example:

Dear Mystic Marissa,

(Insert Question)


(Insert Astro Alias)

PHEW! That’s everything for the open call… Now Happy Writing!



Here are digital copies of the first two issues but please be aware that the preferred format is physical and their website is here!