The Theatre Group

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Our aim is to create a platform for a collective engagement with notions of theatre and theatricality within the context of visual arts and design.

To this end we intend to stage experimental productions – – the first of which is to be held in late January – looking at Oskar Schlemmer, Adolphe Appia, Richard Foreman and Robert Wilson amongst others – and organise workshops on set design, sound and lighting design, dramaturgy, playwriting and choreography with practitioners such as Tim Etchells, Simon McBurney, Adam Linder or Bojana Cvejic.

By revisiting key moments in the history of avant-garde theatre we wish to excavate processes and ways of thinking about theatre that could be situated in relation to contemporary notions of performance pertinent to all areas of art and design, with the ultimate goal of mobilising both in playful, collaborative, open-ended and interdisciplinary staging experiments.

The society takes its name from the RCA Theatre Group, a collective of theatrically minded students from across the RCA departments, which ran intermittently from 1930 through to the 1970’s. The group staged annual productions ranging from Jean Genet and Artaud to Shakespeare, at times collaborating with neighbouring institutions such as the Royal Academy of Music and Imperial College and occasionally taking their productions to festivals such as the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Enquiries: email Natascha Nanji or Letitia Calin