Walkative Society

walkative society

Walkative explores how walking can trigger processes of making, thinking and researching. In particular, we explore how the city contains narratives, knowledge and contested materialities that are best accessed through the act of walking.

Joseph-Lester, King, Blier-Carruthers & Bottazzi, eds., Walking Cities: London, Camberwell Press, 2016


We organise walks in which artists, architectural critics, film makers, critical spatial theorists and writers respond to textual, visual and verbal prompts (but also have free rein to respond more personally).  This provides an overall focus for the walk and a theme in terms of their responses uploaded onto the project blog.


Walking around the streets of Brixton, South London, we cross a river, traverse a common, climb a hill, visit a windmill and reflect on the treadmill. Accompanied by fragments of recently published text, antique postcards, and cryptic handwritten communications, we wander, observe and speculate whilst addressing two main questions: What is held in common? What has been corrected?

Image credit: Corinne Noble for Noble & King, 2019.


Visit our blog. For more information or to join please contact Kenji Lim –  kenji.lim@network.rca.ac.uk