Woo Gate – Answers

Woo Gate is a gate that is installed between Woo and Sackler Buildings on Battersea Campus. Large in scale and heavy in build, it became a subject of students concerns, especially surrounding  its costs. After over a month of inquiring about the issue on variety of levels, RCA SU was given response and you can now read it below.

Conversation with Andrew Ashbury, Director of Buildings and Estates


3 June


Andrew Asbury, Director of Buildings and Estates

Miloslav Vorlicek, Co-President RCA Students’ Union

Cost: £56k + VAT (approx. £67,200)

Andrew Ashbury stated that as a part of the planning permission granted for the Woo Building, Wandsworth Council requested that the gate be installed on Howie Street. RCA then decided to run a design competition for the gate won by Max Lamb, alumni and Design Products tutor. Max wanted to make the gate colorful and in order to achieve this at a low cost, he oversaw the process of production. Consequently, the cost for the gate’s finish and chemical processes were lower than if the task was outsourced to Vichy, the company that built the Woo Building. They normally charge an extra 10% for administration costs. The cost of the gate has come from a capital programme for Battersea raised through fundraising and are not taken from student fees.

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