Your glossary of RCA Committees & Meetings

We’ve put together, for your convenience, a guide to the meetings that the elected sabbatical officers attend on behalf of the RCA students for your reference while reading the RCA Newsheet. Please click here for a chart of the hierarchy of these committees.


About: The Council is the governing body of the College. It is empowered by the Royal Charter to nominate to the Court a person for appointment as the Provost, to appoint the Chairman of the Council or Pro-Provost and the Rector, to nominate to the Court a person for appointment as the Treasurer, to appoint, on the recommendation of the Senate, the Pro-Rector (Academic) and Pro-Rector (Operations), and to be involved in the appointment of the Auditors. 

Meeting frequency: three times a year.


About: The Senate is responsible for the academic work of the College. Subject to the powers reserved to the Council by the College Statutes, the Senate promotes and validates the academic work of the College both in teaching and research and regulates the education, welfare and discipline of the students. The Senate agrees the appointment of external examiners, new academic developments, syllabi and student numbers and revisions to the Regulations. It approves the final examination results and awards the degrees. The membership of 20 includes Heads of Schools and representatives of the staff and students. 

Meeting frequency: four times a year.


About: The Students’ Union is only invited to attend once a year. It is here where college policies are proposed and discussed, and recommendations from committees are approved by the Senior Management of the college.

Meeting frequency: every fortnight.


About: Academic Standard Committee is one of the principal committees of the Senate, which among other things advises the Senate on the definition, measurement, evaluation and management of the quality of the College’s academic provision at all levels. It develops and implements the College’s quality assurance systems. It also monitors external assessments of the College’s provision, for example, External Examiners’ reports and reports from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAAHE). It meets at least three times a year.

Meeting frequency: four times a year.


About: The Joint Consultative Meeting is held by the college with representatives of staff, students, and technicians unions to consult them about college practices, and review the college’s employment policies and processes.

Meeting frequency: three times a year.


About: This committee was formed to review equality and diversity across the college, in line with its policy to sustain a learning and working environment that is both inclusive and equitable. In doing so, it intends to recruit, support and promote a diverse community of students and staff, and ensure that the College’s policies and practices comply with the Equality Act 2010.

Meeting frequency: three times a year.


About: Learning and Teaching Committee is a sub-committee of Academic Standards Committee (ASC), which makes recommendations to ASC regarding student learning support. It aims to:oversee the development, implementation and review of the College’s Learning and Teaching Strategy, oversee the development and review of the College’s Student Charter, identify opportunities to enhance the quality of the student learning experience, and support staff in demonstrating professional standards in learning and teaching. It also guide the strategy and operation of the College’s learning support services. LTC is formed of 6 members of staff, one from each School, and 6 student reps, one from each School.

Meeting frequency: three times a year.


About: The Health and Safety Committee considers all aspects of Health and Safety in the college, recommends changes in procedures, develops and update the College’s policies on health and safety, monitors the implementation of the health and safety policies, and reports to the Staff Committee which is a sub-committee of the College Council.

Meeting frequency: three times a year.

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